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2013 CCSU Department of Theatre

My Theatre Dept. Experience...

Carianne Hoff

 I am currently in my second year working towards my MFA in Puppetry at UCONN! It's an awesome program and we have a couple shows coming up, I am in VT at the Green Mountain Festival Sept 22,23 and in Hartford, performing Peter and the Wolf on Sept 29th, I'm puppeteering the cat! I'll post more details when I get them! In the meantime I worked for Connecticut Repertory Theater for their summer season and then was hired by Westport Country Playhouse as their Props Master for a world premier show, Harbor. It is an awesome piece of work and a hilarious heartfelt show I would highly suggest to all! Life really is great, when you're constantly working your hardest people do take notice! Always communicate, socialize and be yourself because you never know who will be getting you your next gig! =)

Carrie Peters

  I graduated from the CCSU Theatre Department in 2008. I had a desk job for all of 9 months and almost lost what few marbles I had. I returned to CCSU in the event management department for 2 years (it was fun... really) during which I also worked on the side for CT Stage, CATS, Mohegan, Hartford Stage, etc. I am now working as the stage carpenter for Hartford Stage's production of Hedda Gabler and have applied for that position full time.

Christy Lynn Jerome DeLongcjd

Hey everyone! I absolutely love this idea! It's so wonderful to see what everyone is up to!
After leaving CCSU 2005 I transitioned into the "real world," jumping between part time theatre/ dance education jobs, local theatre, and the fabulous Green Apron Army. Upon discovering the need for a more steady income I became a nursing assistant and started working at Hartford Hospital. Though being a C.N.A./ P.C.A. may not be anything close to what I had imagined I can honestly say the experience, has been amazing. I never realized how therapeutic theatre can be, and I am happy to report that I use much of what I've learned with patients whose futures look bleak or uncertain, as well as in the final precious moments of a life and on the family's reflective journey as well.

Along with continu ing my work at the hospital I have gotten married and now have two beautiful children who have taught me everything I need to know about enjoying improvisation (which I never could seem to grasp at CCSU).

I have also joined my love of photography with my love of theatre in the creation of "There's a Moment Photography by Christy Jerome" ( or ) My work includes weddings, engagements, couples, families,seniors, bellies, babies, headshots and boudoir. After a year of portfolio building and marketing sessions I have decided to embrace everything I love about theatre and use it to offer my cilents a unique and tailored experience.

I often hear people say that Theatre training is a "waste of time since it's nearly impossible to make a living from." But I must disagree. My time in the CCSU Theatre Department has given me the tools I need to not only put on a great production, but to face the "real world" with confidence, creativity, and the passion to go after what I want and what I believe in. I may not be making a living off of putting on a show, but I am certainly using my theatre training to make a living.

Rachel Naomi Akers

Hi, I was an exchange student at CCSU from January to June 2003 and volunteered at the theatre. I totally loved my experience and wish I could do it all over again. I went back to England after my amazing time there and then went traveling. I ended up in New Zealand in 2004 and met my husband. We now live on a little island in NZ 35 mins on the ferry from Auckland. I did a prosthetics and special effects course in 2009 as I was always more of a behind the scenes gal. It was a great experience, I worked on a big production of Cats doing the make up and costume changes back stage. I am currently a new Mummy with a gorgeous little boy called Sebastian and volunteering at a high school in the art department, I am teaching them how to make prosthetic masks and hoping to inspire some of them to want to work in theatre and film. I’m planning on moving back to England next year and becoming an Art and Drama teacher. I paint also paint murals and try to volunteer in theaters as much as I can, I can’t get enough of that amazing feeling of being involved in a production. Fun times.

Nicki LaPorte

 I haven't done a "what's happening in my life" post yet, as things have been busy with back-to-school teaching and work.
But I did want to let you all know that New Britain Youth Theater, the company I work for, is hiring teaching artists and teaching assistants!
Go to our website, and apply if you think it could be a good fit!

Stefan Koniarz

 I graduated from CCSU in May 2008. I went on to Grad School at UConn for my MFA in Technical Direction. I worked various gigs throughout grad school and at many different venues. I then moved onto work as the Assistant Technical Director at Long Wharf Theater in New Haven. While there I became the Technical Director.

I left Long Wharf Theater in June 2012. I moved to Chicago where I am now the Production Manager/ Technical Director for the Riverfront Theater. I bought a house and I am working consistently. I work on various productions outside of Riverfront including large festivals and preparing for Chicago's Lalapalooza next year. All I can say is follow your dreams.

Anthony Grasso

 I graduated in 2004 and then moved to Orlando, FL where I have been working for the "Mouse" ever since. I've worked as a puppeteer at many stages across disney property including Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Festival of the Lion King. I spent 2 years as an equity performer playing a singing cowboy in a show in Fronteirland that consisted of singing the hokey pokey and wearing yellow chaps with blue lame fringe (only in disney). I have worked as a coordinator for their annual holiday concert 'Candlelight Processional' and have been working on getting into stage management. I work a lot with Disney Performing Arts, a program where kids come down to Disney and perform and take workshops and learn what its like to be a professional. And ive found time to use what ive learned at Central in a variety of regional theaters. Oh and I'm a man.....a side effect of moving to Disney world!

Corey Johnson

 I graduated in 2004 and moved to NYC where I lived for 7 years. I was a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade and a company member of Superhero Clubhouse. Last year I moved to Los Angeles to start the MFA Acting program at USC. I'm in my second year and loving it. If anyone wants to chat about USC, UCB or SHC, I'm happy to do so. Blue Devils fo' life!

Chris Slater

  I graduated in 2003 and decided to pursue another passion and worked in Student Affairs at a few different colleges in Boston and New Hampshire. A few years ago I started working as a Stage Manager in my free time for a company called Educational Theatre Collaborative here in Plymouth, NH. My first show with them (Godspell) was also the first musical I worked on at Central, but this time we did it circus style with almost 100 kids and community members! I have continued SMing for them for the past 4 years as well as various other companies up here and accepted a job as a Drama Teacher for a school district a year ago. I run the Drama program for the Middle and High School as well as an After-school Arts Elementary program. As if all of that doesn't keep me busy enough, I also am an Adjunct Professor at Plymouth State University teaching a class called Transformation Through the Arts, which helps students rediscover their creativity and the importance of the arts in our lives!

Jerome Yorke Jr

 I am an alum graduated in 2002. I traveled the country after graduation with The National Theatre for Children, then moved to the Twin Cities and worked the scene until I became a company member with The Commonweal Theatre Company in beautiful Lanesboro, MN. After spending 5 years there as an actor/administrator as their education associate, I decided to go and get my masters at Dell 'Arte International where I start my 2nd year next week. Effort. Risk. Momentum. Joy!

Matt DeLong

 After graduating I took a Jon on the build and opening for a tour as a moving light tech. After the tour I took at job at Rosco (yes, gel and gobos) at the headquarters in Stamford. I'm currently working as the Product Manager for Dance Floors and Fog Systems. Christy Jerome and I got married a few years ago (ceremony performed by Colin Longstaff, another CCSU Alumni, in Ken Moony's fields in Vermont). We have two awesome kids - Olivia who is 3 and Hunter who is 9 months.

Rochelle Weinrauch

  I am living the dream of being a princess. No joke. I own a Fairy Tale Entertainment company called Simply Enchanted! I do children's birthday parties, special events, classes and more. With the help of training from the lovely CCSU theatre teachers, I am thrilled to say that I am a working and paid actor! I also make my own costumes (Thanks Lani & Ken). My company has just been growing and growing. "Rapunzel" & "Flynn" will be at the Taste of Mystic on Sunday, 9/9 starting at noon if anyone is around and wants to stop by and say hello!

Nathan Bourke

 I am currently an employee of The Warner Theater. I do sound design and mix all of their musicals, rock and roll tours when they need someone local, etc. Occasionally I also do lighting design for musicals as well. I am also heavily involved in the One-eyed Jacks, a company made up of almost all CCSU alumni! Anywho, since graduating I have found a passion for mixing and engineering so if I could mix musicals on a professional level for the rest of my life that would be great! My advice to give to you all is to never settle for good enough when it comes to your work. Also, don't be a star, be a sponge.

Jessica Jouclard

Most of you will remember me as Jessica Murphy or Clark! What a wonderful idea this was, and it's truly inspiring to see what everyone is doing and to learn of all your successes. After graduating with a BFA in 2002, I began doing some regional theater work at Long Wharf and then decided to move to sunny South Florida for about 5 years. During that time (sadly) I did NO theater because I fell into the mortgage business and simply had no time. At the end of this rather un-fulfilling period in my life I met some people from Louisiana and moved out here in 2008. Since then I have been active non-stop in local theater and some independent film projects. Some paid, some not, and while I'm not making a living doing what I love (yet), I am constantly involved in exciting projects and even had the opportunity to star in an original musical performed at the NYC Fringe Festival in 2010. Right now I am in rehearsal to perform in Cabaret as Sally Bowles, ten years after I was lucky enough to play her right at CCSU!

My French husband and I are also happy to announce that we are expecting our first baby next April. In the meantime I'm pursuing agency representation in New Orleans and trying to break into "Hollywood South's" thriving movie industry.

Famecia Ward
I left and returned to Central a few times in my life one after returning from US Army and then again after realizing my dreams can only be a reality if I "just do it"?! So after moving to NYC I started a tour with McDonald's "Faces of Black History", then hit the road with Smokey Joe's Cafe as "Brenda" which will be back in NC and CA the end if this month and Oct, I toured with the same company as "Charlayne" in Ain't Misbehavin'. I had a tremendous opportunity to back Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, and John Mayer once right at home when we had the Grand Opening of MGM @ Foxwoods! Recently I've completed "Diamond Ruff" in which I played my first supporting lead role as Gayle Morgan, also a short film where I play the main character Genie Harris called "If I were a belle" screening in NYC Oct 19th! I currently study with Susan Batson who is currently the acting coach to every A-lister you can imagine including Oprah Winfrey who's now working on a new film. I still performing locally in CT whenever the opportunity arises more recently doing The Wiz as "Dorothy" and Aida as "Aida"! I love being able to make a living doing what I love and the Theatre Dept @ Central definitely helped me in developing that belief in myself...for that I'm forever grateful!

Amanda Dumasjad
Well, I wouldn't say I'm still in the performing arts arena, but I definitely couldn't be where I am today without my education in the CCSU Theatre Department! I've actually found that it's been a really great enhancement to my resume. Potential employers love to talk about it and are usually quite intrigued.

After graduating in 2003, I married fellow theatre veteran Josh Dumas (2004 graduate in Psych). We have since had 2 children and have relocated to Omaha, NE (planning another move in a few short months). I served as director and board member for the Newington Children's Theatre Company and made money as a Sales Agent in the field for Combined Insurance Agency. Theatre helped me overcome the fear of sales. I quickly was promoted through the ranks but found that I preferred a home office life rather than field work (and a nice set income). After moving to Omaha I started with Mutual of Omaha. My success in the field has made me a sought after advisor in a home office environment. I do a lot of public speaking a training sessions. My improv skills I'd say have improved since college:) I'm now the Regional Director for the Southeast quarter of the country with The Standard Insurance Company (thus the upcoming move).

We have been blessed. I find I use my educating every day in surprising ways although I truly miss performing. I see myself getting involved again in local arts once we are settled in our new city (either Charlotte or Atlanta). I'm hoping to find an outlet for our children to get involved as well.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier with the education I received and the relationships I build along the way.

Sarah Hutchinson WarnerSHW
Since college, I've been working a bunch of typical "get your bills paid" jobs. In between, I had the privilege of continuing to work at a summer youth theater, be in an original musical, teach acting classes for Performing Arts Programs and direct a Christmas presentation at my home church. I also became much more involved in my home church as one of their vocal leaders. With the help of my music pastor, our church put out 3 albums over that last 4 years. You can even look me up on iTunes!

About a year ago, I visited a church up in Rochester, NY called The Father's House (TFHNY) and felt that I was supposed to be up there to be a part of their creative team. This team writes, directs, and performs creative arts pieces that are integrated into every church service. Whether it be music, drama, dance, video, even painting, every service has a creative element. The church currently has about 6000 members and three locations as well as an online international church.

I recently moved up here in April and love it! Rochester is a fantastic city. I'm part of the creative planning team and have written a few short drama/video pieces as well as performed this past weekend. Of course, this is all volunteer (It's not a perfect world), but my job enables to be a part of it. I'm excited for what's next!

Zachariah Delventhal
Been in the Twin Cities for a couple of years now, bouncing around from small show to small show, and small job to small job. I have an agent, but haven't shot any commercials or ads. I have been shooting a few student films here and there. Laura and I are working on a fight choreography play and we're networking. I'll let Laura tell you about her successes, but she has done very well.

Most recently (as of April), I quit my latest job and started working full-time with Minnesotans United for All Families, the campaign working to defeat the amendment that would ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Minnesota. And I mean full-time. It is a 70 to 80 hour a week position, and so I have been completely out of the game since then. Working on a political campaign isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it is a very "high road" sort of organization, and the issue is super-important, so I am happy to be involved.

Looking to November when I am unemployed again, I will be putting another year into trying to make a theatre career work, and really focus on it. But I will also be laying the ground work for a new career, probably in computers. After a year or two of that, it will be time to move on if theatre can't provide me with a living.

Phillip Mangiaracina
I've been wanting to continue doing theater, but it just hasn't been in the cards. I'm doing the math teacher thing, this is year 2. Last year, my school didn't seem to have a whole lot by way of extracurricular activities, but it was middle school so it was understandable. I was just devoting my time to lesson planning and trying to teach.

This year though I'm at the job I've wanted since I finished college and it's better than I hoped for. Not only that, but one of my teammates on my 9th grade team actually runs the whole drama program here and has already asked me to help out with this year's productions. I'll probably be an errand boy at first, but it's a start and who knows, I might have a chance to direct my own show before long!

We'll be doing Annie in the Spring if anyone wants to come!!

Roger Negron
Well it's awesome to see so many amazingly talented and creative people on this. Let see after CCSU I went to Dell'Arte in California and learned a lot in Commedia, Acrobatics, Melodrama (blarf), Clown, and making and writing pieces of theater. Since that time I have been feeling a little lost in this world finding the things that make me happy and grant me the proper means of doing the things I want to do. But bills and such looking for a job take much of my time up but im starting to just get busy helps me and am currently in a show (Leading Ladies come see me as a old lady) so right now just being happy in the moment and ready is where I'm at.

Angela Macala
I went on to get a Master's in writing. I became a published author just this past April. I also coached high school Track & Field for a while and had an absolute blast. Now I work for my dad's company while I continue writing and working hard to make myself known as an author. It's no easier than all of you pursuing acting careers, but (like all of you, I hope) I'm happily following my life's passion.

Carmine Lavieri
I got married, started a comedy troupe (Laughterhouse 5), and got a (very awesome, but very part-time) job teaching acting to kids through New Britain Youth Theater. I still do buttloads of improv and standup and my life is generally pretty awesome. I'm assistant directing a production of MacBeth with NBYT and I'm pretty excited about that.

I am also a shameless self-promoter (as any good artist should be) so HERE ARE MANY LAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE SKETCHES.

I've been fortunate enough to work with several theatre companies in CT and NYC to help build my portfolio which has had my work featured in the CTPost. Along, with attending several Broadway photography workshops. I had my photography work of the Shakespeare Theatre passed out to several congress members, when town representatives went to Washington, to help find support for the Shakespeare Theatre. Recently I gave a tour of the Shakespeare Theatre to the Artistic Director of Saturday Night Live and photographed his experience from there he passed on the photos to people I could only dream of knowing. Through this whole process of political and photography work I've been lucky enough to meet very important people in theatre and film.

Kevin MacNair
I've also been on the board of the Westport Community Theatre. Where I overlooked technical work in productions and made sure we hired knowledgable technicians. The one thing I can say about community theatre is they do tend to pay their designers and stage managers, not much, but a few hundred dollars for a simple design. I've done set, sound, and light design throughout Fairfield County. When I was working in NYC for Sims Metal Management in the executive offices I was stage managing in the city for small off broadway performances and showcases. I've also performed in several productions most recently in The Tale of the Allergists Wife and I directed an Audience Favorite Award Winning One Act in Fairfield.

Coming up I'm set to Tech. Direct The Woman in Black! It's going to be great and I'll send out details as the production moves closer!

Jillian Kellogg
After graduating I went on to teacher theatre and dance for 2 years before getting my masters in education and secondary certification in English. I currently teach high school English, where I run the drama program. My drama curriculum was also accepted and I will be teaching an elective theatre course next year.

Maegan Fuller
After graduating in Dec 2006 I've been performing in a traveling environmental educational circus called Circus for a Fragile Planet. We perform at schools, museums and festivals all over CT and sometimes in NY, RI, VT and NJ. I do partner stunting, acro, juggling, miming, and rolling globe. I also have been teaching a circus skills intro class at an arts magnet school in New Britain, this will be my 3rd year once I'm off maternity leave. I will be having my second child on Friday September 7th :•)

Jessica Paterson Corkhill
Hey All! After graduating CCSU with my BFA in 2005 I moved to Boston and began my Masters of Education in Creative Arts at Lesley University. I then fell in love, left school, and traveled the US for awhile. I ended up in beautiful New London CT where I live with my amazing husband and dog. In the past 7 years I’ve been a Theatre Teacher for a couple public and private schools, line cook, and consultant for a couple major US software companies. It’s all been a blast! Starting this weekend I’m beginning my dive into the world of Civil Law in CT (ie Paralegal studies at Uconn!). I hope everyone is hanging in there, and hanging out! Best of luck and Cheers Friends!

Elizabeth Devanney
Hey friends, I graduated central in 2006. I took a year off to be a nanny then decided to go into education. I am currently teaching preschool and appreciate the improv I did as with small children I always have to be flexible. I have directed the school play with the middle school the past 5 years and adapted a play as well which was performed by the schools drama club. I can honestly say CCSU and the Theatre Dept were a fantastic experience as I met my best friends there! Hope all are doing great!

Jessica Jesperson
Hey all, I graduated Central in 2006. I've pretty much been holding the job that gets the bills paid, but I put the things I did with theatre in my side jobs. I work seasonally with the Haunted Graveyard, doing painting, make-up, and acting. I'm on staff for Main Events for the Annual Connecticon, and use some of the other tricks I learned when it's useful. Though I must say the confidence I gained in my years with the program has stuck with me the most.

Laura Delventhal
I live in Minneapolis with my handsome husband Zachariah Delventhal. I've been working as a Teaching Artist since leaving Central in 2009, and have most recently been promoted to the position of Education Manager of Theatre Arts Training at the Children's Theatre Company. It's an exciting full-time job doing the things I love; it's actually pretty unreal.

Stefanie Seng
Since graduating in 2006, I spent 3 years in LA, 2 of which I spent acting full-time. I studied with Art Wolff for about 6 months (acting coach for Dakota Fanning, Sean Penn, Willem Defoe and director of Shel Silverstien's plays in NYC back when the good man was alive) which was simply amazing and I learned so much with his aide. However, the paid acting I was doing was not at all fulfilling.

After reading "Conscious Femininity: Interviews With Marion Woodman" and "Reverance for Life: The Ethics of Albert Schweitzer for the Twenty-First Century" I felt strongly compelled to do more impactful work, namely starting a non profit for teens with a focus on local and global community service projects. In order to gain experience in social work and non-profits, I moved to VT to work at a therapeutic non-profit ranch for people with mental illness and addiction issues. After a year there, I worked briefly at a group home for female teens with sever behavioral issues, and now I work with young adults (17-26) in a step down program into independence for people who struggle with anxiety disorders. The goal is to provide these folks with coping strategies that will give them the ability to function in healthy and successful lives.

I recently started my first therapeutic group... Improvisation For Confidence Building and Exploring Social Conflict. Go figure! It's been wonderful to see these young people with very little self-confidance suddenly having fun and learning about themselves through play.

I plan on getting my masters in School Counseling and starting my non-profit once I am settled in a school system (unless I can enough support for the non-profit to run without needing another job to ensure my own financial security.)

I am so glad I went to CCSU and majored in theatre. The best part was the emphasis on starting your own projects. Learning how to put together my own production and internships has been immeasurably helpful for me.

Jennifer Costick
When attending CCSU, I was in the theater program and then moved onto music education with a minor in theater. After being completely confused with what I wanted to do with my life, I left CCSU and continued to work the glorious life of a server. Then one beautiful day, I said to myself, "Time for change. I'm leaving." Drove to Minneapolis, met some of my gaming friends there and fell in love with the city. A week and days of driving later, I was a new resident of Minneapolis. I recently went back to school because I felt I had more of a grasp on life over here. After a communications class, I discovered a weird interest in peoples reactions and why people react the way they do to specific words used in conversations and am continuing a study in communications. I definitely attribute this to my Theater background after spending a lot of time analyzing monologues and discovering new feelings and emotions (thank you Anna!) How 'what this person says makes you feel this way' etc. It only took me 5 years and a cross-country move to realize it but everything was worth it and I would do it all over again.